As Temperatures rise, Victoria remains without any spare Pumpers

Eastern Hill attempted to secure a spare Pumper Tanker this morning, as their dedicated appliance has been offline for a month, waiting on parts. The crew picked up an older Mk4 Pumper Tanker, however it has been taken offline due to an inability to use the emergency stop button to cease pumping operations.

Eastern Hills crew have had to return to station, without a working truck and there are currently no spares across the state.

As of this morning the CBD is left without a dedicated working Pumper Tanker for emergencies in and around the city, leaving workers, residents, and tourists at risk with a major international event happening down the road.

Unfortunately, this situation is becoming all too common, leaving the community and Firefighters at risk.

Our fleet requires urgent investment, half of the Trucks are beyond their operational use by date and are breaking down at an alarming rate.

Despite several attempts to reach out to FRV and the State Government to raise concerns about the deplorable state of our Fire Rescue Fleet, there continues to be a deafening silence from Commissioner Gavin Freeman and Minister Symes.