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Dear Member of Parliament,

Professional firefighters and the community they protect face an urgent crisis, and we need your help.

Almost half of Fire Rescue Victoria’s (FRV) fire trucks are outdated and desperately need to be replaced. These trucks are unreliable and riddled with defects, leaving professional firefighters and the community exposed when they fail to function properly or break down.

FRV’s policy is that vehicles are to be replaced at a maximum age of 15 years, but 70 fire trucks are so old that they should be immediately off the road, including one truck that's over 36 years old.

These outdated trucks are putting lives at risk.

In early 2021, FRV made a formal submission to the Labor Government requesting 20 new fire trucks to ensure the fleet is modern, safe, and capable. They also identified 15 aging trucks with heavy rescue capability for which there was no backup if they broke down.

But the Allan Government has ignored that submission, leaving FRV with ageing equipment, and that means professional firefighters and the community are vulnerable during another dangerous bushfire season.

We need your help.

Please stand up on behalf of your community and urge the Allan Government to urgently address this fire truck crisis so that professional firefighters and all Victorians receive the safety and protection they need and deserve.

Thank you.

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Equipment Failures

Academy Explosion

Another day, another misadventure while training recruits at Fire Rescues Victoria’s sole training academy. If trucks aren’t missing, they’re empty of equipment, or explosively breaking down as seen here.

Taylors Lake

Update on the infamous Taylors Lakes Truck, that is 24 years old. It is overheating on a regular basis and has been reported at least weekly.

Truck Motor Explodes

Pumper Tanker 11 at a fire call outside a kindergarten. Motor exploded after it had major failure and couldn’t be turned off.