Craigieburn Firefighters unable to attend Tobacco Shop Fire in Craigieburn!

With a Craigieburn Tobacco shop fire the latest in the long list of shops to be targeted by arsonists, it’s alarming to note that the closest truck was off-line due to a series of Faults.

In the hours leading up to the fire, Craigieburn firefighters had reported multiple faults with the truck, and told they weren’t that critical and the closest spare truck was in Warrnambool and would be dealt with later, later came and more faults this time a burning smell within the cabin.

With a failing dilapidated fleet, one must question where the fire service levy funds are being spent, given the government spent $60+ million on the Tennis.

Minister Symes, Premier Allan and Commissioner Freeman have a responsibility to protect Victorians and they’re failing miserably.