Essendon Airport left with reduced coverage!

There is currently diminished Emergency Response Capacity at Essendon Airport and Melbourne’s northern urban/rural interface due to an Inadequate Replacement appliance, that has now broken down.

Two days ago Tullamarine Station lost its dedicated high-capacity pumper tanker. Its replacement was a lower-capacity pumper which also has a reduced foam capacity.

Yesterday on its way to a fire call, the replacement appliance broke down due to a split in the radiator.

The replacement of a high-capacity pumper tanker with a lower-capacity pumper, coupled with reduced foam capacity, has raised concerns about Fire Rescue Victoria’s ability to supply Essendon airport an effective emergency response.

This issue also raises concerns about Fire Rescue Victorias ability to respond adequately to grassfires on the northern suburbs urban/rural interface during the fire season.

Victorians deserve a world class Fire Rescue Service. They pay for it through their Fire Service Levy.

Currently our Community and Firefighters are being left at risk due to an outdated, unreliable, underfunded Fire Rescue Service.