FIRE TRUCK Crisis (Copy)

fire trucks need replacing

The Allan Government has failed to respond to requests from firefighters to replace outdated equipment, which is putting firefighters and the community at risk. There are over 30 firetrucks which are so old they should be off the road including one truck which is over 36 years old. This is putting lives at risk.


Fire Rescue Victoria policy is that vehicles are to be replaced at a maximum age of 10 years, however we have trucks on the road which are over 36 years old. There are over 30 vehicles which need replacing due to age.
Earlier this year Fire Rescue Victoria provided a formal submission to the Government requesting 20 new firetrucks to ensure the fleet is modern, safe and capable. They also identified 15 ageing trucks with heavy rescue capability for which there is no back-up if they break down.
The Allan Government ignored that submission, leaving firefighters with ageing equipment which puts them and the community at risk

Old, out of date firetrucks

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