Mildura Firefighters Left High and Dry!

Our Aerial Pumper 72 has been a nightmare for the past month!

Repaired after months, only to break down WITHIN 24 HOURS!

(Locking crews in/out, suspension failure)

Weeks later, it tried coming back online, but the SUSPENSION FAILED AGAIN!

Last week, another “fix” but TODAY, it FAILED A FIRE CALL!

(Airline failure, locked brakes, then locked the crew IN after another call!)


Here’s the kicker: Our RESERVE pumper at Station 72 could fill in, but it’s WAITING on a radiator! Normally, a spare should replace it, but there are NO SPARE TRUCKS IN THE ENTIRE STATE!

Mildura firefighters are forced to:

Use a truck that might not even get to a fire!

Risk being locked IN or OUT during an emergency!

The mechanics are forced to patch up worn out and out of date fire trucks.

FRV & Emergency Services Minister Symes: Why are you making us choose between putting the community AND firefighters at risk?!


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