Out of Date Trucks are a hazard to Firefighters!

Not good enough, Minister Symes.

A Firefighter at Richmond yesterday nearly suffered a heavy fall upon entering an 18 year old Truck, where the grab handle snapped due to metal fatigue.

Thankfully the Firefighter was able to regain his balance. Unfortunately it is another example of the hazard Victoria’s aged and not fit for purpose fleet is presenting to firefighters and the community.

We cannot afford to have Firefighters off work due to injuries that can be prevented.

Had this event occurred whilst the Firefighter was exiting the Truck with a 15kg breathing apparatus on at an emergency, it would have impacted the time it took to get the incident under control, possibly causing a harmful situation to members of the community.

The UFU has written to Minister Symes on multiple occasions, requesting urgent funding and a long term plan be implemented to update Victoria’s Fire Rescue Fleet.

The police Minister doesn’t allow Police to use 2005 edition commodores, why does Symes think it’s ok for Firefighters?