Rowville Appliance falling apart:

Rowville is currently being a serviced by an appliance that is simply falling apart. Some of the faults associated with the appliance include:

• Burnover Protection Sprays dribbling water, not spraying –

Cab O/S & N/S rear window protection sprays.

• Driver Seatbelt fraying.

• Airbag suspension dash warning light is active, truck is not

squatting or adjusting to ride height.

• Rear numberplate illumination lights broken.

• N/S bodywork above locker #2 ‘FIRE RESCUE VICTORIA’

sign bodywork is cracked and flapping loose, compartment

not sealed at all and houses electrical kit and Milwaukee

batteries etc.

• O/S High pressure hose-reel leaking at second coupling.

• N/S Locker 1 heavy-duty drawer-slide is faulty, therefore

cannot access PFD for water safety and asbestos bags etc

which are stored in that compartment.

• N/S Pump panel clip broken.

• O/S Pump panel clip broken.

• N/S 38mm hose door latch faulty.

• O/S 50mm hose door latch faulty.

• Delivery #2,3 & 4 are all missing their ‘Pull to Drain’ grips.

• Rear 65mm hose tray does not lockout.

• Cabin air filter needs cleaning/replacement.

Victorians deserve a world class fleet; they pay for it via their Fire Service Levy.

Instead, we have a fleet that is falling apart and is need of urgent investment. If the Minister for Emergency Services refuses to acknowledge the problem, Premier Jacinta Allan must intervene.