western suburbs serviced by appliancE THAT IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!

Melbourne’s West serviced by appliances not fit for purpose

Sunshine station has had its Teleboom appliance out of commission since February this year, due to a number of faults with the Truck.

This has left the Western Suburbs of Melbourne without an aerial appliance to perform multi storey rescues.

Its replacement Truck has been a Pumper, which does not have the same aerial services as the dedicated Teleboom.

The replacement has a malfunctioning prime handle and without a properly working prime handle it is unsafe.

This means if it is the first arriving truck at a house fire and the crew cannot get it to flow water without relying on hooking into the mains to get prime again, crucial minutes will be lost.

Melbourne’s Western Suburbs deserve a world class Fire Rescue Service, they pay for it through their Fire Service Levy.

Instead, they are being serviced by Trucks that are out of commission, unreliable and unsafe.

On behalf of the local community and Western Suburb firefighters, we call on local MP, Natalie Suleyman, to bring this serious situation to Minister Symes attention.